Explore Massage is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and healing experience that awakens sensitivity and energy, increases the capacity to experience pleasure and creates a deep intimacy and closeness between the two participants.

You will be given a towel and asked to take a shower and then I will massage your whole body with a very sensual touch that is designed to awake you and prepare you for receiving my erotic tantric massage in a slow and sensual fashion. Sensational.

I will gently close in on your nether regions and explore your sensitivity to my touch. I will be careful not to over do it as I will want your to last long and feel the control over your pleasure. I will adjust my speed and intensity of my movement to suit your sensitivity while remembering that pleasure is derived from many different pleasure spots of your private parts.

My H.E is simply divine and expertly delivered and above all... I love giving it!
Just leave it with me!

- Classic Erotic Body to Body massage included
- Hot Hand Relief included